KeCaTa managed business hosting is supported by a tripod of management services:

So I've started the first 2 about Cloudflare. Then I'll expand them into describing other audit tools that I use to help manage security and speed issues.

I introduce Online Business Quality Audits here. Part of which is often covered by a term I hate - SEO. But I only hate it because it often becomes the tail that wags the dog. So I ensure my online quality audits support business purposes. Not distort and corrupt them. More on that elsewhere - when I get to describing details.

For now, I'm compiling notes about what various agencies are offering that are supposed to optimize website traffic quality. Then I'll explain the right way to do it.

Ironically, my inspiration for starting this today is a low-quality article. So I won't be linking to it. But the points it suggests as being important are typical of SEO sales pitches. So it's as good a starting point as any.

  1. Keyword Planning - long and short tail. This type of analysis is still important in quality audits. Just not in the way suggested by people calling themselves Digital Marketing Consultant.
  2. Unique content that is appealing, engaging, interesting, and informative. That is absolutely a priority. But it's a mix of creative flair harnessed for customer needs. So I have that harness. And ways to stimulate creative flair that works for your business. Not to satisfy the desires of a Content Marketeer.
  3. On-Page SEO. Yes, this is important and easy to audit. But it's a bit of tidying-up. So don't let SEO detract from VEO - Visitor Experience Optimization.
  4. Proper Formatting. The article I saw was very vague about this. But when you know how to use search engine auditing tools, rather what you think is SEO, it all becomes clear. Not here of course. But I'll explain all the rules later. Along with knowing when to break them.
  5. "About Us" and other admin pages. Vagueness has no place here. So when I set your site up, you complete a questionnaire from which I create your admin pages. Then a simple audit keeps everything running smoothly.

Obviously, there's lots to do here. So for the moment, I'm recording ideas as they arise. Then I'll connect them with my practical audit tools. Ending with a comprehensive series of articles explaining all benefits and features of each Online Business Quality Audit.

As this project is at the ideas stage, I'm happy to include your questions, experiences, and opinions here. Because QEO, like VEO, is more important than SEO.