Introduce articles about help desks from the customer viewpoint.

Start with information from Take The Customer Service Skills Course and flip the view.

At the moment, this idea is very new. So this "solution" asks more questions than answers:

  1. Should it be a course or a series of articles?
  2. How many people would be interested?
  3. Is there anything similar which might be easier to adapt?

Starting with question 3, I asked a couple of search engines "service desk from the customer viewpoint". But, as I expected, I got many tips about setting up help desks to consider the customer. But none on training the customer how to get the most from help desks. So I tried "training customers to use help desks". But again, nothing.

Hopefully, before I spend lots of time on this, someone will suggest a good current resource. If that someone is you, please click 'No' below and share your knowledge.

Also, I need your help with question 2 now. If you are interested, please let me know in the usual way. But I suspect I'll only find out if I actually create the solution.

So my current thinking is that I should publish a series of articles that guide customers into using the help desk. Then, I'll use that material as an onboarding "course" for new feedback contributors. Also, I'll adapt that to be an onboarding guide for forums.

Strangely, that previous question may take me back to question 3. Because a search for "how to get the most out of forums" gives many results that might help. So I'll continue to research that, and develop this new idea accordingly.

Customer Skills Work In Progress

I need ideas for onboarding customers on help desks and forums. Also, collaborators would be useful to make the highest quality resource. So please get in touch if you have any thoughts about making customer onboarding features better.

However, you can tell me what you would like me to include below. Just click 'No' below in answer to "Did you find it helpful".