Over the years, many visitors have asked how to use Foodary PRAL charts for alkaline diet planning. So I collected those discussions in one long thread to try to find the best way to apply PRAL food charts in a practical way.

Personally, I think the best approach is:

  1. Get the habit of healthy eating with a general alkaline meal plan that has been approved by your healthcare professionals.
  2. Start monitoring urine pH.
  3. Adjust the general diet plan to account for personal preferences.
  4. Check the effect of your diet changes on urine pH
  5. Adjust your personalized eating plan to try and reach your urine pH target.

So Foodary PRAL charts only help with step 5 in my approach. However, we must also consider that your professional advisers might recommend a different approach. Ultimately, the PRAL diet charts can only be useful if we know the context they will be used in. Unfortunately, no contributors so far have taken time to explain how they want to use our PRAL lists of ingredients.

PRAL Chart Diet Discussions

Anyway, if you want to ask about PRAL scores, it might be best to read through the old Foodary forum topic archive (linked below [1]). Otherwise, tell us what you think about these extracts:

PRAL chart 

gwsheetmetal was confused between PRAL values and pH values. So I tried to explain the common confusion when I replied to:

Your PRAL chart for alkaline baked foods shows (Leavening agents, baking soda) as 0.00 are you sure that’s right? I find it very Alkaline.

Please explain.


PRAL table 

Patricia took a lot of trouble to suggest improvements to some PRAL tables: 

Re: Breakfast Cereals PRAL table

I have noted that:-

1) The column headed “Very Alkaline” has both positive and negative entries.

2) Various positive entries in the “Very Alkaline” column seem to be too low to indicate “very alkaline”

Re: Vegetables and Vegetable Food Products PRAL table

Various positive entries in the “Very Alkaline ” column seem to be too low to indicate “very alkaline”. It might be that I do not fully understand the concept. Please clarify

Re: Baked Products PRAL table

Here also, various entries in the Very Alkaline” column seem too low to indicate “very alkaline”

PRAL score chart

Concerning PRAL score chart, a critic noted:

Alkaline Food Lists Explanation
Your PRAL score has no given range so it’s essentially useless! 

So I hope I explained why a range isn't relevant to PRAL scores

PRAL food chart

Another visitor asked about a single PRAL food chart 

Is there a page where the PRAL food charts are consolidated on ONE chart rather than the many different ones listed on Alkaline Food Charts: Your Introduction to PRAL?

PRAL list

Similarly, Khalif has some detailed ideas about creating a combined PRAL list:

So, all PRAL that has 5 essentials nutrient. So, can include all food that you have for individual Pral, so combine into all PRAL list of food, so can click the arrow for the highest Nutrient list like for protein, and so on for other 4 nutrients, that is essential for the body.
So, can add the tagline that says which essential is acid and which is alkaline, so can see the different. So, for protein, and other nutrients, it seems it has only high to lowest food for that list because that list is connected to only that nutrient, so can create a page for all PRAL list. So, the tagline that is grand PRAL, so you click the highest, it will show highest or lowest or medium for all other essential in the body. So, can include zero, so to make it customize like I want to see the highest acid nutrient, so it will show that and how high or low is PRAL? If it is low, then only need little and that essential for acid for 100 calories is different for both, so both do not have the same acid effect in the body.Same with Alkaline. So, all things is chemical reaction that cause build together or break apart, so each food has a ratio of Acid and Alkaline, so lower acid to alkaline is better for that food, it is better essential for the body.

Your PRAL Chart Diet

I hope you can see that the best way to use Foodary PRAL scores depends on the approach to meal planning that you choose with your healthcare professional. So let's start with you explaining your approach to dieting. Then we can create personalized plans that make sure your alkaline diet suits your unique circumstances.

Or is my 5 steps routine your perfect solution?


[1] Foodary forum archive.

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