Michael asked:

I am now having to focus on alkaline foods. 

But, I need a daily menu that focuses on alkaline foods without gluten or dairy. 

So, is there any help out there? [1]

Later, Stacy responded:

Keith, hi. While Michael hasn’t replied, I’m interested! I currently eat more quinoa than rice. I’m already GF (I simply feel better w/o gluten) and am investigating going dairy-free. (And based on my research, some would recommend a vegan diet–though I’m not sure I’m ready for that .) My interest in an alkaline “diet” is to keep my body on better balance. (I have skin cancer issues.)

Anyway, if you study the complete archive you can read various suggestions about various topics. Including:

  • gluten-free alkaline recipes
  • gluten-free alkaline diet 
  • Mediterranean diet gluten and dairy-free 
  • alkaline Mediterranean diet recipes 
  • gluten-free dairy-free Mediterranean diet 
  • alkaline Mediterranean diet

But I think we need a fresh start to provide a practical gluten-free dairy-free alkaline diet. Preferably, for me, a Mediterranean style eating plan. But I'm doing that anyway. And personally, I don't need to consider lactose or gluten intolerance. So I need to collaborate with people who are affected by these disorders. Then I can adapt my alkaline Mediterranean diet recipes for that group.

Do you want to help with a practical gluten-free dairy-free alkaline diet? Then click 'No' below and we can restart the project together. But if there's insufficient interest, I'll close this. Because without help from people with these intolerances I will continue to develop my general alkaline Mediterranean style meal plans. You can check my progress by searching for 'Mediterranean diet plan' in our Foodary Search Page.


[1] Foodary forum archive.

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