In earlier discussions about  Alkaline Nuts Listwe asked the question "What nuts are most alkaline? Also:

As you can see, all the nuts and seeds included in the Key Foods list are acid-forming or neutral. Alkaline nuts do exist, and I will add them as they get discussed in the healthy eating forum. [1]

My best solution is:

First, you should remember that a good PRAL-based Alkaline Diet should include some acid-forming foods. Because your diet should be balanced across a wide range of food groups to maximize the benefits of different nutrients.

As far as the Alkaline Nut list is concerned, note that it is a small sample of nuts based on frequent use (Key Food from the USDA database). So for a more complete list, look at the “Very Alkaline” column in Acid-Alkaline Nut and Seed Products Food Chart.

Ignoring seeds, the most alkaline nut appears to be Beechnuts. But these are not widely available unless you’re into foraging. So I would say the most alkaline nut is chestnut, which is a versatile nut. Because as well as being tasty as a whole nut, it’s also widely used in sauces and other foods.

But I return to my earlier position to question the merit of long lists of alkaline nuts and seeds. Because I believe it's more useful to have several alkaline meal plans.Then you should be able to look at specific ingredients and compare them to more alkaline alternatives. 

Unfortunately, publishing meal plans is a big project that I need help with. Even if it's just to say what format of meal plans you would find useful. So if you have specific needs about alkaline diet nuts please let me know.


[1] Foodary forum archive.

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