A visitor asked:

I find your PRAL charts very useful. Especially, Acid-Alkaline Legumes and Legume Products Food Chart. It would be nice if you had a downloadable (pdf) version of your food charts I could keep in the kitchen. [1]

I'm certainly interested in providing PDF files for the complete USDA PRAL list. But this is a huge project which I need more help with. Because this topic attracts lots of visitors. But people are not leaving any ideas about the format they would like to see. Except that I can see some interesting search queries that people use to find this topic.

Especially interesting are references to 'alkaline diet plan pdf' and 'alkaline meal plan pdf'. Because I've experimented with some different meal plan formats. So I'd love to get feedback on those. Also, I'd like feedback on the idea that an acid alkaline food guide pdf might incorporate lots of weekly meal plans with PRAL lists within a reference section.


[1] Foodary forum archive.

Is this the perfect solution?

If this is the perfect solution to all your concerns about complete USDA PRAL list PDF click 'Yes' below. But if you have the slightest doubt, click 'No' and tell me what will make it more helpful.