Donna asked:

I have a pacemaker for a second-degree heart block and when I recently went for a check up for pacemaker they found I had an episode of Tachycardia back in March. My heart raced at 200 beats per minute in the lower part of my heart where the pacemaker works 91 percent of the time to keep my heart rate up as it is blocked.
I need to change my diet and not sure if this is the way. I was always a relatively fit, strong, no medication person before the heart block. [1]

So I responded with questions about the DASH diet that she should discuss with her doctor. Unfortunately, I never got a response to that.

Maybe I was right to suggest a DASH diet for Tachycardia (tachyarrhythmia is abnormally fast heart rate. Over 100 beats a minute.) But I'll never know until I can persuade visitors to follow up with more feedback. So what do you know about tachycardia diet?

I've been asked about the DASH diet in the past on a different health website. So maybe I can attract a wider audience for future discussions about the health benefits. But I also need some tachycardia patients to join the debate. Then we can work on a better diet for tachycardia.


[1] Foodary forum archive.

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