I've replaced the Foodary Healthy Eating Forum[1] with Foodary Questions & Answers (Q&A). Because the forum didn't have enough people involved to make it worthwhile. And some of the people who were involved thought it should be called 'Healthy Food Forum'.

Now I think its better as part of the helpdesk. But it shouldn't matter what I think. Because Foodary only exists to help you. So you should decide.

How does this compare to other healthy eating forums? Please share your ideas about ways to make it easier for you to find personal help with food and health issues.


[1] Foodary Forum archive

Healthy Eating Forum Feedback

Foodary visitor responses include:

Anonymous 05 Jan 2020

I like the new format because it emphasises finding solutions to problems. So that makes me really question if the information really gives the best answer.

It seemed confusing at first to switch from the old forum format. But for people who have never used an old-style forum before, this is very easy to use. Having said that, I'm familiar with helpdesk systems like this. So perhaps it is only easier for me.

Keith 05 Jan 2020

Thank you for your feedback and I'm happy to keep your name hidden as you asked. Though if you are going to contribute as much as I hope, I can easily set you up with a nickname for future contributions. Or think about becoming an Agent. Because I need as much help processing feedback as I can get.

I'm particularly interested in your thoughts about familiarity with helpdesk software. Because I have ideas for training Agents. But some of that might also help new "forum" users. So if anyone wants to volunteer to help develop visitor onboarding please step forward :).

Is this a perfect healthy eating forum?

If you think this is a perfect healthy eating forum just click 'Yes' below. But if you have the slightest doubt, click 'No' and tell me what will make it more helpful.