We introduced Foodary Learning Resources to replace the Foodary Healthy Eating Forum. Subsequently, we enhanced it to encourage visitors to give feedback on all the Foodary pages. Also to discuss new ideas of how to manage our diets to promote healthy living. So that includes preventative life-enhancing eating habits. As well as nutritional aids for disease recovery.

Foodary Learning Resources Purpose

The main purpose of Foodary Learning Resources is to discuss food concerns that relate to general health or specific diseases. Also, it serves to guide you in using Foodary resources to learn more about your food-related concerns. That way you can:

  • Resolve issues that make your condition worse.
  • Promote issues that support your recovery.
  • Learn to discuss those issues with professionals to get healthy, relevant diet advice.

In a nutshell, the purpose of Foodary Learning Resources is to help you get the best advice from your health and nutrition professionals.

Next Step

Start by telling us about your health condition and food concerns.

Or browse the Foodary articles and find topics that interest you. Then tell us how those articles affect you.