We provide Foodary Learning Resources mainly to help you get the most out of the Foodary websites:

So each of those domains has its own folder. But note that the Foodary.com folder also contains some references to Foodary.org. Because that old forum domain is replaced by this helpdesk.  Also, there's [a plan for] a General Foodary folder for ideas about food and health that haven't been published yet.

Most resources are public to everyone. So just browse the folder that interests you most. Then share your thoughts about that resource so we can improve it for future visitors. Remember, we need good and bad feedback to make the best improvements. So whenever you see "Did you find it helpful?" at the end of an article always answer 'No'. Because that lets you tell us your thoughts about the article. You can always return and say 'Yes' if you really did like it. That won't change anything. But it makes the author feel appreciated.

Other resources that depend on your privileges are:

  • Additional information for Users
  • User comments and contributions
  • Agents guides for collaborators
  • Special training and personal mentoring for Members.

If you need explanations about privileges for Users, Agents, and Members please ask. That's best by clicking 'No' below. Or you can click our 'New Support Ticket' link near the top of each page.

Now that you know how Foodary Learning Resources are organized you should browse whichever folder you are most interested in. But if you are new to Keith's Internet Support Services I suggest you begin with the General category. Especially the Getting Started folder.