Almost all my websites are about passing on knowledge and procedures that I have learned. So that you can learn how to resolve issues faster. 

First, you use this K.I.S.S. Helpdesk to tell me about your concerns. Then I respond to you personally. Also, I rely on our helpdesk conversations to improve my pages for other visitors.

Primary Purpose of Keith's Internet Support Service

The primary purpose is to help you get the best from all Keith Taylor's websites. So you tell me about your concerns. Then we discuss possible solutions. Until your issues are resolved. Or we find a resource that can help you better than I can.

Other Intentions for this Helpdesk

I have 3 secondary purposes for this helpdesk:

  1. I review our discussions and improve my websites for future visitors.
  2. I record the status and history of my web pages and related resources.
  3. I create draft articles for your comments before I publish them on my websites.

In future, I intend to use the routines I develop here to provide an app to support all mentoring aspects of online learning. That's a long term project. But I'd love to know what you would want from an online learning app.

Your Internet Support Helpdesk

All helpdesk users get personal responses using the Ticket system (see Different Ways To Ask). Beyond that, you can become more involved and get access to extra information. So please see Involvement Levels and Rewards (coming soon).

Your next step should be to tell me your concerns about any web page(s) published by me. Remember, concerns can be positive or negative. Ideally, you will tell me by submitting a Ticket from the page that concerns you now. However, you can also create a ticket here.